Awaken Your Inner Wild Child!

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Awaken Your Inner Wild Child!

My inner wild child speaks to me often.  Does yours?  “Tis the season” to live joyously and without inhibitions.  My own true purpose in life is truly just now being realized, and it took some coaching by my mentor Fabienne Fredrickson to surface.  So at this wonderful time of year, I ask you…Are you being present this day, aware of all your many gifts and your personal brilliance?  Do you see what I see?  Can you dance in the beauty that surrounds you and allow yourself to feel your wild child energy?

My passion is travel.  My passion is coaching you to travel in a way that is authentic to you.  I am your active travel pro.  I encourage you to poke that inner child and awaken him or her to the joy of jumping off a bridge on a bungee cord.    www.activetravelpro.comAwaken to the sounds of your paddle moving the water as you glide towards the wild Alaskan shores.  Awaken to the thrill of the wind in your hair as you zip along in the rainforest high above the rushing stream below.  Walk amongst the monkeys in Costa Rica, listening to the sounds as they begin to stir above you in the trees.  Observe with a hushed silence as the lions feast on their prey;  they who are focused only on filling their bellies to sustain themselves until their next meal.

Joyful travel.  Energizing travel.  Curious travel.  Exploring beyond the guide books and tourist traps.  Engaging with the locals to really feel a part of something much bigger than yourself.  Experience the joy of giving while on your journey.  Walk gently and leave no trace of your footsteps.  Use companies that build the local economy.  (Check out G Adventures, if you haven’t already.  What a wonderful partner they are!)

Allow your inner child to awaken during your travel adventures.  If you are the passionate explorer, I understand that you feel the pinch of a long bucket list and too little time.  Yet you need not fear running out of time as long as you devour every travel experience as a hungry child would!  Joyful.  Energizing.  Curious.  FABULOUS! www.activetravelpro.comPeace on Earth!

Bobbie Rae Murphy


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I create adventurous travel itineraries for busy professionals who love to move and explore actively while on vacation. My passion finding unique experiences and destinations for my special guests. I love helping you create the kind of adventure that you will be talking about for years! Contact me for your complimentary 30 minute planning session. Looking forward to it!

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